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CHOPSO Trailers

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CHOPSO Trailers
  • The love Remains (Trailer)

    Charged with spreading the ashes of her dead girlfriend, Lena struggles against a flood of unwanted memories. The gnawing memories force her into dealing with her grief in hauntingly unpredictable ways. Directed by Angela Park and stars Christina Giagos.

  • Yakuza No2 (Trailer)

    A middle-aged yakuza wants to quit and have a new life with his girlfriend. However he has to figure out something first - how to get out of his apartment.

  • KEYE LUKE - Trailer

    The short film is a documentary and narrative hybrid bio-pic focusing on the earlier life and work of Keye Luke during the 1920s-1940s, a pioneering Asian American actor and painter most known for his roles as the Number One Son, Lee Chan, in the popular Charlie Chan films of the 1930s, and as th...

  • Hand Fart (Trailer)

    A young man's survival is left in his own hands.
    Vimeo Staff Pick and Winner of a 2017 Nashville Film Festival Audience Award

    Written and Directed by: Stanley Wong & Travis Ashkenasy
    Stanley: Stanley Wong
    Doctor Diorman: Walter Cox
    Nurse Joy: Felicia Hom
    Nurse Guy: Dante Swain
    Nurse Mann...

  • FRANK and KASS_Trailer

    Laid off with little prospects, an unyielding father must drive back to his parents without losing the respect of his rebellious daughter.

    Produced as part of the 2014-2015 Visual Communication's Armed With a Camera fellowship program.

    CAST :
    FRANK - Hidekun Hah
    KASS - ViviAnn Yee


  • Why Am I Doing This (Trailer)

    African-American comedian Lester is trying be the next Louis CK... except everyone wants him to be Kevin Hart. Asian-American Tony is trying to be the next Tom Cruise... except everyone wants him to be the Chinese delivery boy. Together, they try to make in Hollywood while juggling relationship...

  • Rave Train Trailer #1

    Rave Train features live performances from the world’s best EDM Dj’s and producers along with dancers and visual artists from all disciplines. SOUL TRAIN with EDM.

  • Running Dragon (Trailer)

    In 1972 near the end of the Vietnam war, the Vietnamese government were outcasting Ameriasian children while several U.S. families began to adopt them. Running Dragon is an autobiographical story about one of these American orphans.

    Directed by Kim Noonan and Neal Sickles

  • 0506HK Trailer

  • Rave Train Trailer #2

    Rave Train features live performances from the world’s best EDM Dj’s and producers along with dancers and visual artists from all disciplines. SOUL TRAIN with EDM.

  • The People I've Slept With (Trailer)

  • A Woman Named Canyon Sam (Trailer)

  • Today Has Been Weird Trailer

  • The Unbidden (Trailer)

  • Shopping for Fangs (Trailer)

  • Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks (Trailer)

    A traditional Chinese father struggles to cope with his son’s homosexuality, which then takes an absurd turn for the worse. Starring: Jim Lau, Derek Lui, Elijah Rock. Written and Directed by Alex Chu

  • Yes, And... (Trailer)

    A would-be actor’s life is turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams while at the same time his newly-divorced best friend and his aging parents move into his one bedroom apartment. Starring: Kamuela Kim, Jennifer Soo, Eymard Cabling, Elizabeth Sung, Jim Lau. Written and directed by...

  • The Crumbles (Trailer)

    The Crumbles is an indie rock slice-of-life tragicomedy about Darla and Elisa, two best friends struggling to catapult their talented but directionless garage band to stardom. Called "elegant and affectionate" by the LA Times, this lighthearted romp across the Eastside of Los Angeles offers a fun...

  • Love with the Poet (Trailer)

    Set in Australia, Love with the Poet is an experimental visual feature based on five poems that reflect youth loneliness. Directed by Matthew Victor Pastor.

  • Butterfly Flower (Trailer)

    It’s Valentine’s Day, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. A Vietnamese prostitute named Pisces is conned to her cocoon. She searches for true love, and the search which will define her. Directed by Matthew Victor Pastor and Lisac Pham.

  • Godlike (Trailer)

    Alex, a complex and introverted high school teenager with an interest for gaming, finds himself at odds with his grandmother when he receives news of his mothers passing. The two don't see eye to eye and their relationship worsens when Alex seeks out opportunities in competitive gaming; esports. ...

  • We Are Fathers (Trailer)

    Two friends discover that being dads doesn’t necessarily make them good fathers.

    Jin, a young dad, discovers the need for his family the hard way when his wife moves out and into the home of her new boyfriend, with their five year old son, Max. On a mission to get her back, Jin enlists help f...

  • Viette (Trailer)

    A young Vietnamese-American woman is caught between the pull of forbidden love and her parent’s pressure to stay close to her heritage. With Mye Hoang, Sean McBride and Chi Pham. Directed by Mye Hoang..