Films by Jeff Chiba Sterns

Films by Jeff Chiba Sterns

4 Episodes

Films by Canadian filmmaker Jeff Chiba Sterns

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Films by Jeff Chiba Sterns
  • The Horror of Kindergarten

    Episode 1

    “The horror of Kindergarten” is a whimsical collage of a little boy’s first day of Kindergarten. The 2D/3D animated film revolves around the philosophical Conrad who tells of his experiences as he journeys into Kindergarten’s heart of darkness all while knowing of the impending horror that lay a...

  • What Are You Anyways

    Episode 2

    Follow the adventures of the Super Nip as filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns explores his cultural backgrounds growing up a mix of Japanese and Caucasian in the small Canadian city of Kelowna, BC. This short classically animated film looks at particular periods in Jeff’s life where he battled with fin...

  • Yellow Sticky Notes

    Episode 3

    After realizing that yellow sticky note “to do” lists were consuming his life, animation filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns decided to visually self-reflect on his filmmaking journey by animating on the same sticky notes that caused him to ignore major world events for the last nine years. Animation m...

  • Yellow Sticky Notes Canadian Anijam

    Episode 4

    For the first time in Canadian history, 15 of Canada’s most award-winning and celebrated independent animators have come together to create a collaborative animated film. Yellow Sticky Notes | Canadian Anijam is an innovative and global approach to animation filmmaking and unites animators from ...