Films by Jeff Man

Films by Jeff Man

5 Episodes

Jeff Man was part of Visual Communications’ Armed with a Camera Fellowship in 2012 where he made a short doc called THAT PARTICULAR TIME. His short films MIDDAY CRISIS, A FAMILY DAY and NIGHT OUT also premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. His other credits include TOGETHERNESS, THE DO-DECA PENTATHLON, MANSON FAMILY VACATION and 9500 LIBERTY.

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Films by Jeff Man
  • Night Out
    Episode 1

    Night Out

    Episode 1

    After a long evening of partying, a young woman spends a night out in the cold after her friend locks her out.

    Director: Jeff Man
    Cast: Shanon Serikaku, Amy Adair, Leonard Munos, Lance Heruela

  • A Family Day

    Episode 2

    Having witnessed the changes Alzheimer's brought upon his grandmother, Jeff makes a visit to her elder care home to film a day in her life. In doing so, he attempts to catch a glimpse of the thoughts that pass through her mind on a given day and of the woman he remembers from not too long ago bef...

  • Jeannie Wong Wants To Do Everything

    Episode 3

    A portrait of the multi-talented Jeannie Wong: filmmaker, artist, writer, party host, marathoner, dancer, and musician. Jeannie does it all, and yet still finds that her life is missing something.

    Director: Jeff Man
    Cast: Jeannie Wong

  • That Particular Time

    Episode 4

    Following his sudden death in 2005, Eddie Oshiro’s legacy is discovered inside his tiny studio apartment -- a collection of decade’s worth of photographs taken by Oshiro himself documenting his Little Tokyo community in Los Angeles.

    That Particular Time is a portrait of Oshiro, his work and t...

  • Midday Crisis

    Episode 5

    Daniel comes to grips with his loneliness when he calls a suicide hotline.

    Director: Jeff Man
    Cast: Mandell Butler, Robyn Joy Shultz, Christina Giagos, Lamar Woods