Films with Lynn Chen

Films with Lynn Chen

7 Episodes

Check out these films featuring the iconic Asian American actor Lynn Chen

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Films with Lynn Chen
  • Growing Apart

    Episode 1

    A couple in trouble stakes the future of their relationship on the success of a garden.

    Starring: Lynn Chen & Evan Arnold.
    Directed by: Eitan Loewenstein.

  • The People I've Slept With

    Episode 2

  • The People I've Made a Movie With

    Episode 3

  • Via Text
    Episode 4

    Via Text

    Episode 4

    VIA TEXT is the story of a relationship conflict that unfolds throughout one day, conveyed entirely through the text messages between sparring partners.

    Cast: Lynn Chen
    Director: Abe Forman-Greenwald
    Writers: Abe Forman-Greenwald, Lynn Chen
    Title Design: Pamela Lama

  • Lynn Chen Bites- Taiwan - Taiwan Culinary Exhibition

    Episode 5

    Actor and food blogger Lynn Chen ( visits the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

    Directed by Abe Forman-Greenwald

  • Why Am I Doing This?

    Episode 6

    African-American comedian Lester is trying be the next Louis CK… except everyone wants him to be Kevin Hart. Asian-American Tony is trying to be the next Tom Cruise… except everyone wants him to be the Chinese delivery boy. Together, they try to make in Hollywood while juggling relationships, c...

  • Episode #14: Being Seen with Lynn Chen

    Episode 7

    Lynn Chen is an entertainer and body image activist. She has a diverse resume, ranging from singing on The Metropolitan Opera Stage, to starring in Sony Pictures Classics' "Saving Face," narrating the international bestseller "Crazy Rich Asians," playing the villain "Goh Xiulan" in "Call of Duty:...