Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

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  • Drawing the Line

    A series of artist profiles that examine how Japanese American artists determined their particular creative directions in response to a unique set of post World War II social, cultural, and political circumstances.

    Whatever form their creativity took, these artists brought fresh and compellin...

  • 9066 to 9/11

    9066 to 9/11

    9066 to 9/11 focuses on the parallels between the post-September 11 treatment of Arab Americans and Muslims in this country with treatment of Japanese Americans after the start of World War II. Revealing striking similarities, the film addresses the mistreatment of immigrants in t...

  • Words, Weavings, Songs

    Wakako Yamauchi, Momo Nagano, and Mary Nomura were innocent teenagers when they were sent to concentration camps during World War II. Behind barbed wire, their creative spirits remained undaunted—their lives fortified by art, music, and literature.

    Featuring: Wakako Yamauchi, Momo Nagano, Mary...