Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

Barbara Kawakami: A Textured Life


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  • Moving Memories

    George Takei hosts MOVING MEMORIES, a journey into the 1920s and 1930s featuring restored and edited home movies taken by Japanese American immigrant pioneers as they made America their new home.

    Featuring: George Takei
    Created and Edited by Robert A. Nakamura

    Produced by the Japanese Amer...

  • Something Strong Within

    An experimental documentary that utilizes home movie footage shot by Japanese Americans living inside America’s concentration camps during WWII, this view from within depicts the struggle of 120,000 souls to overcome betrayal and hardship to reconstruct a community behind barbed wire.


  • Mamo's weeds

    Written by acclaimed mystery writer Naomi Hirahara, Mamo’s Weeds tells the story of a gardener besieged by a destructive weed epidemic and a series of phone calls from a mysterious woman. Searching for answers, he travels from the Southern California Gardeners’ Federation to a Little Tokyo chop-s...