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Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

Episode 1: Welcome to The City

4m 41s

Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 2: That Modern Man Hustle

    Suanne sure is a sweetheart, but that Thompson is kind of strange. And The City is damn expensive. But that's no worries to a guy like Munkey, who is just going to sell his novel to a publishing house and make billions--if it wasn't for Jeff Goldblum, that is. Oh well, buddy boy. Got to pay rent ...

  • Episode 3: This Life is Overrated

    Of all the bars in The City, she just had to walk into this one. Munkey tries to woo the lovely Evet again, but you've got to come with more game then that. She sees right through you, brah. Screw it! Drink and write and drink and write and drink and...What the hell is that? Someday you'll get it...

  • Episode 4: I Got My Personality

    Sometimes you've got to shed your old skin if you want to become a new person. And sometimes, when your friends try to help you, it's really for the best. And then, sometimes, that homeless person on the street is actually a demonic-looking representation of your higher spirit. Just write it out,...