Reel Voices

Reel Voices

2 Seasons

A program of Pacific Arts Movement, Reel Voices is a digital series of short films made by diverse high school students in the San Diego area.

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Reel Voices
  • Reel Voices 2017 - What Does Gay Look Like_

    Episode 1

  • Plan A Plan B

    Episode 2

    Stories of Haitian immigrants who were unable to cross to the United States, but who instead found successful lives in Tijuana, Mexico. Directed by Kimberly Moreno Chavez

  • Telewomen
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Mexican women discuss their representation in the media of two bordering countries. Directed by Meghan Allison IbaƱez

  • Perceptions

    Episode 4

    Ordinary people share their stories of being misperceived.Directed by Jake Bulette

  • Irene
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    The story of Irene Taffolla, a teenage girl who lost her mother and two. Directed by Adrienne Garrett

  • Home Away from Phteah

    Episode 6

    A refugee shares her stories about Cambodia and hopes to pass cultural traditions to her family. She walks her grandson through her transition of Khmer Rouge influence, worshipping Buddhism, and her experience as an immigrant assimilating to the United States. Directed by Peter Prom

  • Black Hair Magic

    Episode 7

    African-American women discuss the struggles and benefits of being a black woman in America through hair. Directed by Alaysja Clark

  • Growing Up Hip Hop

    Episode 8

  • Androgyne
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    There's two sides to every clothing store: the men's section and the women's section. But what about the people in between? Directed by Baylee Ahrens

  • A(mexi)can
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    A documentary about being a teenager going through the crisis of trying to understand what it means to be Mexican-American. Directed by Saray Aguilar

  • Below the Surface

    Episode 11

    Inside the minds of the people of the sea. Stories of how the ocean shapes character, friends, and moments. Directed by Garrett Seamans