Reel Voices

Reel Voices

2 Seasons

A program of Pacific Arts Movement, Reel Voices is a digital series of short films made by diverse high school students in the San Diego area.

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Reel Voices
  • Doors of Change

    Episode 1

    Young homeless artists and musicians channel their creativity into a positive path toward making a living. Directed by Corinna Lewis

  • Burrito Boyz

    Episode 2

    Every Sunday morning, the Burrito Boyz make over 600 potato, egg, and cheese burritos for the homeless in Downtown San Diego. Directed by Danny Tran

  • From Pilot to Photographer

    Episode 3

    While in the Naval Airforce, Tom Twomey trained in combat, but ultimately fell for the beauty of aerial photography. Directed by Edgardo Marquina

  • Genderation

    Episode 4

    Interviews with a woman and her daughter reveal how generational differences impact perceptions of masculinity. Directed by Isabel Rangel

  • Our Religion

    Episode 5

    The diverse, personal experiences of teenagers and their takes on religion and spirituality. Directed by Miranda Durkee

  • Safety On
    Episode 6

    Safety On

    Episode 6

    Filipinos attending a gun competition talk about safety, gun ownership, and perceptions of the gun community. Directed by Noelle Sarte

  • Obsessed
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    A professional and personal look at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, against the stigma and the misconceptions. Directed by Michelle Zhao

  • Plan Bee
    Episode 8

    Plan Bee

    Episode 8

    Why bees are disappearing, what this means for us, and what can be done to help. Directed by Skai Peterson

  • 1946-2014
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    Family members reflect on their grandmother’s final years and what happens to them after her death. Directed by Travus Clark