Son of Smiley: A Podcast

Son of Smiley: A Podcast

52 Episodes

My dad, Smiley, is a first generation immigrant.

More often than not, my understandings of the world directly contrasted with his perceptions. Between my dad and I, there was struggle, but there was also magic.

These are those stories, and I hope they make you smile.

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Son of Smiley: A Podcast
  • Episode 0: The Beginning

    Episode 1

    The Son of Smiley Podcast will share many strange and wonderful stories with all of you.

  • Episode 1: Smiley's Videos

    Episode 2

    The Son of Smiley talks about learning to accept things as they are with a story about his dad's videos.

  • Episode 2: 8 Years a Boy Scout

    Episode 3

    Sometimes in life we are so dedicated to what we do and what we know that we forget to involved others. Sometimes these misinformation create surprises, and other times they create a story about a math hating Boy Scout.

  • Episode 3: Wrestling with Apology

    Episode 4

    This week's Son of Smiley Podcast has become a place for confessions. One special confession involves the Son of Smiley being a evil mastermind that caused someone to be choked on the stairs.

  • Episode 4: PMS

    Episode 5

    The Son of Smiley's weekend was a cringe fest due to a corporate comedy show that turned into a hostage situation. To make himself feel better, he thought he'd take us back in time to a place where a band called PMS once existed.

  • Episode 5: Something Green

    Episode 6

    Sometimes you win something. Sometimes you lose something. What is important, however, is that when we lose something, we ask his dad, Smiley, and he will tell you exactly where it is.

  • Episode 6: Me Myself and My Pants

    Episode 7

    This week's story involves a gift and a lesson. More specifically, Christmas often brings surprises, but not always the gift want.

  • Episode 7: Naked New Year

    Episode 8

    So the Son of Smiley thought about telling a story about New Year's Eve from a long time ago, and of course, something happened this NYE that throws the whole idea out of the window and into a "naked" frenzy.

  • Episode 8: Tornado

    Episode 9

    This week the Son of Smiley managed to dodge one snow storm and walked into the middle of another. Here is a story of a tornado and muscle relaxants.

  • Episode 9: Pig Flu

    Episode 10

    The Son of Smiley finally managed to catch the cold that is going around. Since he sounds like a total congested toad, he thought he'd tell you about a time when he caught the pig flu. Stay healthy, folks.

  • Episode 10: Manifesto

    Episode 11

    As the Son of Smiley battles the final days of his cough, he thought he'd share something different that was originally in the form of a written piece. Here's a story about how he reunited with an old friend because he decided to write an angry manifesto as a teenage idiot.

    Oh, and as a word ...

  • Episode 11: Never Going Home

    Episode 12

    This is a story about how a moment of ignorance changed who the Son of Smiley was. Be kind to each other.

  • Episode 12: Snow Cold Judgement

    Episode 13

    This is a story about a time when the Son of Smiley judged a man not for who he was, but for what he looked like. He is forever thankful for everything he did for him in that moment.

  • Episode 13: Fishing For Trouble

    Episode 14

    The Son of Smiley loves hanging out with his cousin, and there's never a dull moment when they do hang out. Allow him to explain in this week's story.

  • Episode 14: Ring the Alarm

    Episode 15

    A man named Weebo gave the Son of Smiely $100 at a show, and he gave his brother an alarm experience.

  • Episode 15: World Famous

    Episode 16

    The Son of Smiley's brother dared him to do something a few weeks ago. So he decided to make him world famous.

  • Episode 16: Raphael

    Episode 17

    According to two different people this week, apparently the Son of Smiley looks like Raphael the Ninja Turtle. Interestingly enough, Raphael also represents a turning point in his life. Here's the story.

  • Episode 17: Don't Move

    Episode 18

    Last week the Son of Smiley moved into to a new place, and somehow he made it more dramatic than it had to be.

  • Episode 18: Yak and Yeti

    Episode 19

    It's been quite a dramatic week, and the Son of Smiley took some time off with the family. So he thought for this week, he'd talk about a story at a restaurant we all went to and brought us all together in a very unique way.

  • Episode 19: The First Time I Met A NBA Star

    Episode 20

    The Son of Smiley loves basketball, and naturally, he loves the NBA. So this is a story where that love become slightly conflicted when he came face to face with an NBA star.

  • Episode 20: All You Can Meat

    Episode 21

    All you can eat - time + interactive activity = complete chaos. Welcome to this week's story.

  • Episode 21: F*ck the Penguins

    Episode 22

    The Son of Smiley never expected laser tag is the thing that would remind him of how out of shape he truly is, and how once upon a time, his grandmother talked some major trash about penguins.

  • Episode 22: Slammed By A Scooby Doo Van

    Episode 23

    Some days you go about your day and nothing ever happens. Other days, you get slammed by a Scooby Doo Van while you're on a moped with your dad.

  • Episode 23: Stuck in a Communist Airport

    Episode 24

    Being stuck in an airport isn't anything new. However, being stuck in a communist airport was something the Son of Smiley definitely did not imagine that would be part of his life story.