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Episode 2: 8 Years a Boy Scout

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Episode 1: Smiley's Videos


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  • Episode 2: 8 Years a Boy Scout

    Sometimes in life we are so dedicated to what we do and what we know that we forget to involved others. Sometimes these misinformation create surprises, and other times they create a story about a math hating Boy Scout.

  • Episode 3: Wrestling with Apology

    This week's Son of Smiley Podcast has become a place for confessions. One special confession involves the Son of Smiley being a evil mastermind that caused someone to be choked on the stairs.

  • Episode 4: PMS

    The Son of Smiley's weekend was a cringe fest due to a corporate comedy show that turned into a hostage situation. To make himself feel better, he thought he'd take us back in time to a place where a band called PMS once existed.