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Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

Episode 18: Yak and Yeti

Son of Smiley: A Podcast, Season 1, Episode 19 – 10m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 19: The First Time I Met A NB...

    The Son of Smiley loves basketball, and naturally, he loves the NBA. So this is a story where that love become slightly conflicted when he came face to face with an NBA star.

  • Episode 20: All You Can Meat

    All you can eat - time + interactive activity = complete chaos. Welcome to this week's story.

  • Episode 21: F*ck the Penguins

    The Son of Smiley never expected laser tag is the thing that would remind him of how out of shape he truly is, and how once upon a time, his grandmother talked some major trash about penguins.