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Episode 21: F*ck the Penguins

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Episode 20: All You Can Meat


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  • Episode 21: F*ck the Penguins

    The Son of Smiley never expected laser tag is the thing that would remind him of how out of shape he truly is, and how once upon a time, his grandmother talked some major trash about penguins.

  • Episode 22: Slammed By A Scooby Doo Van

    Some days you go about your day and nothing ever happens. Other days, you get slammed by a Scooby Doo Van while you're on a moped with your dad.

  • Episode 23: Stuck in a Communist Airport

    Being stuck in an airport isn't anything new. However, being stuck in a communist airport was something the Son of Smiley definitely did not imagine that would be part of his life story.