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Episode 10: Manifesto

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Episode 9: Pig Flu


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  • Episode 10: Manifesto

    As the Son of Smiley battles the final days of his cough, he thought he'd share something different that was originally in the form of a written piece. Here's a story about how he reunited with an old friend because he decided to write an angry manifesto as a teenage idiot.

    Oh, and as a word ...

  • Episode 11: Never Going Home

    This is a story about how a moment of ignorance changed who the Son of Smiley was. Be kind to each other.

  • Episode 12: Snow Cold Judgement

    This is a story about a time when the Son of Smiley judged a man not for who he was, but for what he looked like. He is forever thankful for everything he did for him in that moment.