Son of Smiley: A Podcast

Son of Smiley: A Podcast

52 Episodes

My dad, Smiley, is a first generation immigrant.

More often than not, my understandings of the world directly contrasted with his perceptions. Between my dad and I, there was struggle, but there was also magic.

These are those stories, and I hope they make you smile.

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Son of Smiley: A Podcast
  • Episode 24: Sleeping with the Muppets

    Episode 1

    Here's a story about how the Son of Smiley fell asleep dramatically with the muppets.

  • Episode 25: Fist of the North Star

    Episode 2

    The Son of Smiley somehow managed to get himself a Nintendo NES classic Japanese edition. He also somehow managed to bring back all his childhood trauma with this simple machine.

  • Episode 26: Minute Hand Hour Hand

    Episode 3

    Since it is the Monday after Mother's Day, the Son of Smiley thought he'd read a little piece he wrote about 2 years ago, about a time when his mom taught him how to tell time.

  • Episode 27: Chicken Creep

    Episode 4

    Once upon a time, there was a piece of chicken. There was also almost a chicken creep. You'll understand once you listen.

  • Episode 28: My Favorite Moment

    Episode 5

    As the Son of Smiley sits here with the pain of gout accompanying him, he thought he'd share one of his favorite moments that he still remember as if it were yesterday.

  • Episode 29: How to Destroy Your Neighbor's Stuff

    Episode 6

    This is what happens when the Son of Smiley's brother and him are bored, and have access to every sport equipment known to man.

  • Episode 30: Fake Gi Oh

    Episode 7

    This is how the Son of Smiley made a crap load of money because people can't tell Asians apart.

  • Episode 31: Sleeping Beauty and the Border Guard

    Episode 8

    In conclusion, this is definitely not how you cross a border.

  • Episode 32: Death Trap in the Mountains

    Episode 9

    The Son of Smiley doesn't do much after shows, but when he does, it is always interesting. This one time, it got too interesting.

  • Episode 33: How I Quit My First Job

    Episode 10

    There is always a first for everything. The Son of Smiley's involved a sporting goods store that sold garbage.

  • Episode 34: The Thing I Owned For the Longest Time

    Episode 11

    This week the Son of Smiley was asked an interesting question by a journalist: What is the thing you owned for the longest time? Well, here's his answer.

  • Episode 35: Animal Attack

    Episode 12

    This is a story about survival. Or betrayal. Anyways, you be the judge.

  • Episode 36: Hero

    Episode 13

    Who is your hero? Whoever they are, the Son of Smiley bets they never have done this before.

  • Episode 37: Nintendo Painboy

    Episode 14

    Sometimes with extreme pleasure comes extreme pain.

  • Episode 38: Unearthly Allergies

    Episode 15

    The Son of Smiley is allergic to everything on this planet.

  • Episode 39: Scooby Doo Doo

    Episode 16

    So this weekend, The Son of Smile's Air BnB host's dog ate his shoes. Dogs do silly things, and sometimes that silly stays with you.

  • Episode 40: Dr. Doom

    Episode 17

    The Son of Smiley's doctor is the best. At being the worst.

  • Episode 41: Queensland

    Episode 18

    Sometimes amazing happens. Sometimes their names are Amanda and Cameron.

  • Episode 42: Missoula

    Episode 19

    Once upon a time the Son of Smiley drove to Missoula. That time was not a good time.

  • Episode 43: German_Town

    Episode 20

    The Son of Smiley's dad was a big fan of road trips. What he was not a big fan of, was different foods. This story is a product of that combo.

  • Episode 44: Story of the Mystery Box

    Episode 21

    Sometimes you're told to do something, and that something turns out to be everything you did not want.

  • Episode 45: Ice Road Hyundai

    Episode 22

    This story is about the things the Son of Smiley does for comedy and the things he doesn't do for comedy anymore.

  • Episode 46: Flying Suitcase

    Episode 23

    This past weekend, the Son of Smiley's suitcase went flying without him.

  • Episode 47: Radioactive Noodles

    Episode 24

    This week's story is a short one, which is ironic because the time frame in this story was not a short one.