The Asian American Voice Podcast

The Asian American Voice Podcast

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The mission of The Asian American Voice podcast is to provide hope, inspiration and strategies to the Asian American professional that feels stuck in their career and life.

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The Asian American Voice Podcast
  • Episode 000 -- The Asian American Voice Intro

    Episode 1

    Introduction episode of The Asian American Voice podcast as well as introducing your podcast host, B.J. Kang.

  • Episode #1: Using Self Discovery with Tash Wong

    Episode 2

    Tash Wong, co-owner of Seldom Seen speaks about following her dreams to start an online and brick and mortar boutique.

  • Episode #2: The Importance of Hustling Brian Yang

    Episode 3

    Brian Yang is an actor and producer. We discuss how Brian went from becoming an extra in a feature film to becoming an actor on the hit CBS TV show, Hawaii Five-0 and producing the documentary "Linsanity" that was featured at The Sundance Film Festival in 2013

  • Episode #3: Selling a $20 Million Company with Joni Young

    Episode 4

    Joni Young is a coach and consultant to CEOs and business owners. Joni speaks about being a 10 year old immigrant with no english speaking skills to building up a $20 million company and moving towards what she calls "Purposeful Prosperity"

  • Episode #4: Working with Location Freedom with Dale Ting

    Episode 5

    Dale Ting is an entrepreneur focusing on online businesses. We discuss Dale's move from being a product engineer to creating his businesses and being able to work form wherever he wants with just his laptop.

  • Episode #5: Not living with regret with Claire Yeung

    Episode 6

    Claire Yeung is a motivational speaker, coach, trainer and author of "The Eighty Year Rule". We discuss not living with regret, quitting her 23 year career as a lawyer with no plan of action after being diagnosed with a mysterious illness.

  • Episode #6: Working a Dream Career with Diana Chan

    Episode 7

    Diana is a celebrity stylist and wardrobe stylist. Diana speaks about feeling lost after college and the road to finding her dream career.

  • Episode #7: Becoming a Ninja with Izzy Arkin

    Episode 8

    Izzy Arkin quit his job in his 20s to fulfill his dream of becoming a ninja. Izzy shares his hero's journey and gives tangible tips to find direction in your life and career.

  • Episode #8: Launching a Startup with Karl Gusner

    Episode 9

    Karl Gusner is the co-founder of the startup Good Audience. Karl talks about his journey into entrepreneurship as well as what he has learned along the way.

  • Episode #9: Health, Fitness, and Entrepreneurship with Tony Huynh

    Episode 10

    Tony Huynh aka "The Fit Asian Man" is a podcast host, blogger, coach and former competitive body builder. Tony discusses his decision to quit his stable job to pursue his passions and offers fitness and health tips in this interview.

  • Episode #10: Staying Committed to your Dreams with Henry Kim

    Episode 11

    Henry Kim is a writer, producer, director and co-founder of Empty Kingdom. Henry discusses his realization of wanting to be a film maker at a young age and his work on a sports documentary for The Golden State Warriors.

  • Episode #11: Being Confident in Business with Nada Lena

    Episode 12

    Nada Lena is the CEO and Founder of Rise Up for You, a network dedicated to empowering women globally.

  • Episode #12: Persistence with Kathreen Khavari

    Episode 13

    Kathreen Khavari is an Iranian-American producer, writer, and actor. Kathreen shares her journey into acting and provides insight in staying persistent.

  • Episode #13: Consulting Business w/ Ojay Malonzo

    Episode 14

    Ojay Malonzo is the co-founder of Figure 8 Solutions a consulting business. Ojay shares his story of taking the leap into starting his own business and talks about how to effectively scale a business.

  • Episode #14: Being Seen with Lynn Chen

    Episode 15

    Lynn Chen is an entertainer and body image activist. She has a diverse resume, ranging from singing on The Metropolitan Opera Stage, to starring in Sony Pictures Classics' "Saving Face," narrating the international bestseller "Crazy Rich Asians," playing the villain "Goh Xiulan" in "Call of Duty:...

  • Episode #15: Making Psychology a Household Name with Dr. Michi Fu

    Episode 16

    Dr. Michi Fu is a Taiwanese American licensed psychologist who specialized in Asian American mental health. Dr. Michi Fu's goal is to make psychology a household name especially in the Asian-American community.

    Dr. Fu discusses finding the right career path, lack of mental health in the Asian ...

  • Episode #16: Communicating with Jennifer Choi

    Episode 17

    Jennifer Choi is Founder and Champion of Communication at Bon Intent, a boutique communications consultancy.

    Jennifer walks us through step by step what she did to quit her corporate job and start her company. She talks about the importance of self reflection and the emotional aspect of follow...

  • Episode #17: Crowdfunding with Brandon T. Adams

    Episode 18

    Brandon T. Adams is a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and crowdfunding expert.

    Brandon left his corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship and talks about the steps he took to make the leap.

    Brandon shares tips on how to launch a crowdfunding campaign with success.

  • Episode #18: Connecting to People with James Hsu

    Episode 19

    James is a professional speaker, author of "Mobilizing People", performance coach and owner of MPM a video production and marketing company.

    James started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19. He shares mindset tips and well as tangible strategies to start a business using passion and...

  • Episode #19: Asian American Blog with Nelson Wong

    Episode 20

    Nelson Wong is the original Asian-American entertainment blogger. He is the founder of AA Risings Record and also founder of AA Risings the blog that used to be called the "Yahoo of Asian American entertainment websites".

    Nelson was in a car accident that propelled him to go all in with AA Ris...

  • Episode #20: Saving Dogs in Asia with Marc Ching

    Episode 21

    Marc Ching is the owner of The Petstaurant located in Sherman Oaks, CA where he makes species-appropriate meals for both dogs and cats.

    He founded Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation five years ago so he could start rescuing locally abused animals. Just last year, he added another cause to the F...

  • Episode 21: Breaking Stereotypes with Paul Kim

    Episode 22

    Paul Kim aka P. Keys is a former top 24 contestant on American Idol. Paul's music is a blend of covers and original music. His youtube channel has amassed over 96,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 10 million times. Paul continues to shatter stereotypes being a Korean-American i...

  • Episode #22: Dating App with Dawoon Kang

    Episode 23

    Dawoon shares her experience taking the leap from a cushy, corporate job to starting the company as well as the experience she had on "Shark Tank" and turning down a $30 million offer from Mark Cuban

  • Episode #23: Business of Art with Dave Young Kim

    Episode 24

    Dave Young Kim is an award winning artist and muralist. His murals can be seen all around the world. Dave is the recipient of the 2015 Asian Pacific American Heritage Award. Dave shares about the inspiration behind his art which is rooted in his Korean-American heritage.

    Dave's passion for art...