The Best of Rave Train

The Best of Rave Train

16 Episodes

Rave Train features live performances from the world’s best EDM Dj’s and producers along with dancers and visual artists from all disciplines. SOUL TRAIN with EDM.

Executive Producer: Danny Ho
Producers: Hugh Hou, Mitchel Dumlao, Ruby Chase
Director: Mitchel Dumlao
Writer: Danny Ho
Hosts: Danny Ho, Juliana Kovacs, Hugh Hou
Associate Producer: Charmaine Cleveland

The Best of Rave Train
  • EDM Dance Show NATHANIEL KNOWS, Dubstep & Electro DJ

    Episode 1

    This episode features musician Nathaniel Knows, glovers from PM, Emazing Lights and much more. Hop on board as we take you on a grimy ride down the dubstep, electro and trap railroad to RAGE !

  • EDM Dance Show ft. Nekr0naut, Trance DJ

    Episode 2

    Watch as LA's best freestyle dancers get down in this episode of Rave Train. Featuring some sick Trance by DJ Nekronaut. ALL ABOARD.

  • EDM Dance Show w/ NUCLEAR WOLF, Electro House DJ

    Episode 3

    This episode features musician Nuclear Wolf and the rest of the crew.

  • EDM Dance Show w/ DANNI G, World Bass DJ

    Episode 4

    Episode 1 features musician Danni G, hoopers from Hooptown Hotties, shufflers from FTS and much more. Hop on board as we take you on a dirty ride down the bass railroad watch out for TRAPS!

  • EDM Dance Show w/ DJ OSCAR DEL AMOR

    Episode 5

    This episode features Progressive House Dj and producer Oscar Del Amor, plus hoopers from Hooptown Hotties, a choreographed dance routine by The Narrators, and light shooooooows! :) Hop on board as we take you on a dirty ride down the bass railroad watch out for TRAPS!

  • EDM Dance Show w/DJ Duo Skonka

    Episode 6

    Episode 3 features DJ duo Skonka straight outta LA, plus hoopers from Gogo Hoop Dance Stars, a Quake -Twerk Shop routine Ruby Chase, and Boomboxx from Mowsion shuffle crew!

  • EDM Dance Show w/ Drum And Bass DJ JOSH

    Episode 7

    Rave Train is proud present Episode 4, which features DJ JOSH, a drum and bass and house music producer. Josh throws it down raw, as we get the styling of Bianca (Bee) Maitia and some bad ass orbiters tearing the dance floor a new one.

  • EDM Dance Show w/ Epicstep THE SIREN

    Episode 8

    Strap in cause this one is wild. Featuring Orbiting artists from another planet, The Narrators and the rest of the Rave Train cast of characters.

  • EDM Dance Show w/ Psytrance DJ JACK SPAIDZ

    Episode 9

    This episode of Rave Train featuring the one and only Jack Spaidz. Tune in as this episode takes us down the psychedelic journey into the trance worlds of the unknown.

    This is the very 1st episode that is dedicated 100% the art of shuffling. Featuring dancers from Shufflers World Wide, bringi...

  • EDM Dance Show with DJ Little Dinosaur

    Episode 10

    On this week’s show, we have very special guest hosts The Narrators and the every so versatile fossil feeding DJ Little Dinosaur! Lil Dino roars her way through a killer set of originals featuring vids and dancers from her performance team! Strap in cause this episode displays top level dancers f...

  • EDM Dance Show w/ American Hardstyle DJ BOOM TAIL

    Episode 11

    The Rave Train brings for the 1st time ever Hardstyle Trance or to be more specific American Hardstyle by DJ Boom Tail!

  • EDM Dance Show w/Progressive House DJ Jounce

    Episode 12

    On this episode we feature the fist pumping jams of DJ Jounce. Jounce is a progressive house, electro, EDM DJ and tears the Rave Train dance floor a new one with his high energy style of mixing and sampling. You don't want to miss this one as Jounce makes the dancers go crazy!

  • EDM Dance Show ft. Justin Jesse, Deep House DJ Duo

    Episode 13

    Watch as Los Angeles’ best freestyle dancers, housers get down in Rave Train. Featuring some deep deep House by DJ Justin Jesse.

  • EDM DANCE SHOW w/ Trap/Dubstep/Grime Dj Taurus Scott |

    Episode 14

    This week we take down the traxxx with Smog Record's very own DJ Taurus mixing a sick variety of bass music ranging from grime, dubstep and trap.

    This episode is also our Hoop Town Hotties take over special where we feature all hoopers from the California area.

  • EDM Dance Show w/ Bad Royale Kingstep Dj's

    Episode 15

    Bad Royale is true no genre, can't pigeon hole their sound, DJ quatro with deep roots in the trance community who have been expanding their sound to dubstep, trap, moombahton, reggae and more. They thrown down cuts from their killer EPs and leave the dance floor burned to a crisp !!!

    Dancers ...

  • EDM Dance Show ft. ISAAC ALLEN, Minimal Techno and Deep Progressive Tech

    Episode 16

    Watch as world renowned freestyle dancers set the floor on fire in this episode of Rave Train. Ghetto Stiletto, shufflin’ and gloving by PM and Emazing Lights are just a few of the grooves you’re about to witness. Featuring serious techno spun by DJ Isaac Allen. ALL ABOARD…