Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

Watch this video and more on CHOPSO

EDM Dance Show w/ DANNI G, World Bass DJ


Up Next in Season 1

  • EDM Dance Show w/ DJ OSCAR DEL AMOR

    This episode features Progressive House Dj and producer Oscar Del Amor, plus hoopers from Hooptown Hotties, a choreographed dance routine by The Narrators, and light shooooooows! :) Hop on board as we take you on a dirty ride down the bass railroad watch out for TRAPS!

  • EDM Dance Show w/DJ Duo Skonka

    Episode 3 features DJ duo Skonka straight outta LA, plus hoopers from Gogo Hoop Dance Stars, a Quake -Twerk Shop routine Ruby Chase, and Boomboxx from Mowsion shuffle crew!

  • EDM Dance Show w/ Drum And Bass DJ JOSH

    Rave Train is proud present Episode 4, which features DJ JOSH, a drum and bass and house music producer. Josh throws it down raw, as we get the styling of Bianca (Bee) Maitia and some bad ass orbiters tearing the dance floor a new one.