The Films of Z. Eric Yang

The Films of Z. Eric Yang

7 Episodes

Short films directed by Z. Eric Yang.

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The Films of Z. Eric Yang
  • State of Sunshine

    Episode 1

    "The State of Sunshine" tells the story of a brother and a sister, Danny and Lily, who emigrated from China to the backdrop of the Florida Panhandle. In desperation, the two have been forced to turn to prostitution to pay their debts. Night after night, Danny watches in agony as men pay to sleep ...

  • Angel Eyes

    Episode 2

    A disfigured father has to confront his fear when his daughter gains her vision for the first time. Directed by Z. Eric Yang.

  • Prologue
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

  • Xing
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Based on the critically acclaimed young adult novel, XING is a short trailer film by Director Z. Eric Yang imagining the full-length feature.

  • The First Generation

    Episode 5

    A Chinese immigrant must decide if he should go home to see his sick mother and risk never coming back to the U.S. Directed by Z. Eric Yang, "the First Generation" is a poignant drama chronicling the emotional outlook of an immigrant.

  • The Dark Room

    Episode 6

    John, a divorced, old-school photographer, who has spent his life dedicated to the discipline of his darkroom and art of photography, finds himself fighting for his craft and ultimately his livelihood. When his young manager gives him an ultimatum, he is faced with a decision that will define him...

  • Open Audition

    Episode 7

    A Cuban immigrant takes the extreme measure to reach out to his estranged wife in this romantic comedy. Directed by Z. Eric Yang.