Visual Communication's Armed With a Camera

Visual Communication's Armed With a Camera

8 Episodes

Armed With a Camera (AWC) Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists nurtures the next generation of Asian Pacific American artists to capture their world, surroundings and outlook on life. Visual Communications Media (VC) works with the Fellows for six months and provides special training, mentoring, networking opportunities, access to facilities and equipment, plus a cash stipend to create four to five-minute digital short films. Visual Communications Media seeks to cultivate a new generation of Asian Pacific American artists committed to preserving the legacy and vision of VC.

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Visual Communication's Armed With a Camera
  • Hand Fart
    Episode 1

    Hand Fart

    Episode 1

    A young man's survival is left in his own hands.
    Vimeo Staff Pick and Winner of a 2017 Nashville Film Festival Audience Award

    Written and Directed by: Stanley Wong & Travis Ashkenasy
    Stanley: Stanley Wong
    Doctor Diorman: Walter Cox
    Nurse Joy: Felicia Hom
    Nurse Guy: Dante Swain
    Nurse Mann...

  • That Particular Time

    Episode 2

    Following his sudden death in 2005, Eddie Oshiro’s legacy is discovered inside his tiny studio apartment -- a collection of decade’s worth of photographs taken by Oshiro himself documenting his Little Tokyo community in Los Angeles.

    That Particular Time is a portrait of Oshiro, his work and t...

    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    The short film is a documentary and narrative hybrid bio-pic focusing on the earlier life and work of Keye Luke during the 1920s-1940s, a pioneering Asian American actor and painter most known for his roles as the Number One Son, Lee Chan, in the popular Charlie Chan films of the 1930s, and as th...

  • Yakuza No2

    Episode 4

    A middle-aged yakuza wants to quit and have a new life with his girlfriend. However he has to figure out something first - how to get out of his apartment.


    Episode 5

    When a suburban man follows some neighborhood kids cutting through his yard, he finds out that they have discovered a mysterious portal in the woods.

    Starring Tony Baker.
    Directed by Weldon Wong Powers.

  • The Love Remains

    Episode 6

    Charged with spreading the ashes of her dead girlfriend, Lena struggles against a flood of unwanted memories. The gnawing memories force her into dealing with her grief in hauntingly unpredictable ways. Directed by Angela Park and stars Christina Giagos.

  • Heart of Mind

    Episode 7

    En route to a momentous dinner in downtown LA, lovebirds Haunani Gordon and William Ellis are held at gunpoint by a thieving madman. What transpires blurs the line between innocent impulse and intimate betrayal, proving to be the ultimate test of love, trust, and expectation.

    Directed, Produc...

  • FRANK and KASS

    Episode 8

    Laid off with little prospects, an unyielding father must drive back to his parents without losing the respect of his rebellious daughter.

    Produced as part of the 2014-2015 Visual Communication's Armed With a Camera fellowship program.

    CAST :
    FRANK - Hidekun Hah
    KASS - ViviAnn Yee